Be careful when:
You are offered to pay for a product or service by a money transfer.
The buyer most often does not receive the paid goods. The “seller” informs the victim that he is abroad and asks, as a confirmation of the seriousness of the intention to purchase the goods, to pay for the goods using a transfer.
You are asked to pay a rent or pay for employment services,
a variation on prepaid schemes for a non-existent apartment, hotel room, or guaranteed employment.
You are told that you have won a lottery or received a large inheritance.
However, taxes, shipping, etc. must be paid before claiming this non-existent prize.
Someone calls or sends an SMS message saying
that something allegedly happened to a loved one, so you urgently need to transfer money to help him.
You are asked to transfer money to a stranger -
help, payment for services to the recipient, whom you met on the Internet.
IMPORTANT! Partners and Astrasend Payment System do not guarantee that goods or services paid by a money transfer will be delivered.

Send money transfers only to your family and friends.
People you know personally!

  • DO NOT send money to a person who requests a transfer for the purpose of: urgent assistance to a loved one with whom you cannot contact and/or confirm the situation.
  • DO NOT send money to pay for online purchases, pay fees when issuing a loan / credit card, to receive a prize, win the lottery, rent a property, get a job.
  • If you suspect fraud, call Astrasend Customer Service.